Professional Development Programs for Teachers

Like in every other profession, it is important for teachers to update their knowledge and skills on a regular basis. This is because what may have worked on a set of students may not work for another. The principles and theories of teaching are undergoing several changes, and it is crucial that teachers know about it. It would not only help them in the teaching process but also in the growth of their careers. MITSOE&R offers several professional development programs for teachers.

MITSOE&R, also known as MIT School of Education & Research, is associated with University of Pune for its teachers' training courses like B. Ed, M. Ed, pre-primary courses, etc. On the other hand, the professional development courses are offered by Cambridge International Examinations. Right from the syllabus to the teaching techniques, examinations and certificates, everything is decided as per Cambridge's international standards.

One of the professional development programs includes Cambridge International Diploma/Certificate Course in Teaching and Learning. Another one of these programs is Cambridge International Diploma/Certificate in Educational Leadership. These courses aim to introduce new ideas, theories, principles and philosophies to the teachers. These programs are not just theory classes, rather teachers are not only encouraged to apply them in their teaching but also to share their experiences with the other teachers participating in the program.

These programs are divided into several modules, and at the end of which you would have to submit a portfolio for assessment. Teachers who score more than the minimum marks are awarded with their diploma or certificate.

The professional development programs for teachers which are available at MITSOE&R are recognized all over the world. These programs would prove to be a great asset for your career. Being a teacher is not just about teaching; on the other hand, it also means that you can never stop learning. These programs would help you to become better teachers.